cloner.sb2 midpoint status report

  1. I decided to make video game.
  2. Originally in my project the plane was supposed collect the coins and the coins are the ones to be clone.
  3. I have accomplished to make a least the coins clone and the plane move to collect them.
  4. Something that still remains to be done is deleting clones and ending it at a certain point.
  5. I feel that i’m meeting my goal it just needs to be worked on more to show what i want for my project.
  6. Yes, i need to make the coins be moving around not just staying in one place.
  7. trying to find out how to make my coins move around while being clone and ending it at a certain point.

One thought on “cloner.sb2 midpoint status report

  1. something i neeed help with:
    Cs1.03:I can distinguish and us different type and structures of data.#5 clone, variables and broadcasts all used productively.
    something i’m goodd at:
    CS2.07:I can use a variety of planning tools including brainstorming,diagrams,flow charts and pseudocode.#5 all Design thinking posts are complete,detailed and actionable.


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