Egg Car Project Develop

The wheels rolls smoothly and has a accelerates a to high speed.

Something i need to do is add safety features like a air bags and size and weight.

  1.  Seat belts because if their is no seatbelt there would be no protection which then makes the passenger get hurt. In the text it says “It keeps you from flying through the windshield or hurdling toward the dashboard when your car comes. Another one would be size and weight this would help my car because the more force the more effect  the passenger would get. In the text it says the greater the change in velocity the greater the force on the people inside and the higher the risk of injury. Another reason why I would need size and weight would be because their would be more empact going front to front then one the other sides. In the text it says two cars going the same speed crash front,the outcome depends in part on the cars relative weights

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