Egg Car Design

Insert an image of your egg car prototype (something I have to do)


Some strengths of my prototype is that it was safety like a seatbelt so it won’t go flying out and it has smooth wheels so it has a constant speed. Some weaknesses that my prototype as is that it doesn’t have a airbags meaning it could break what’s inside (egg). Something I could do is but in airbags in front of the egg so when it hits something it wouldn’t make a big damage first I could take out the egg seat and but bubble wrap in front and in the back where the egg would be seating then I could but the seat back test it to make sure everything is safe. I’m designing this car for one of my family members so they could learn how to drive so if they crash into something they wouldn’t get as much damage because of all the safety things like airbags and seatbelts that would help him feel safe driving and crashing into things knowing he won’t get hurt. I would know that my car is successful if I built it will lots of safety and by  having it crash into different things like a wall a door etc.



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