1. your original goal for the project? My original goal for this project was for my plane to collect coins,my coins is the part that is being clone.
  2. the parts of your Scratch program that are working?My coins are being clone which is one part that is working and my plane also collects the coins so thats also woking.
  3. the parts of your program that are not working?Everything is working. 
  4. the most important thing to fix or create in the time left?Nothing
  5. a to do list which shows how you will spend the remaining time? just play my scratch game make sure its running g





# 4

#5 Final-

cloner.sb2 midpoint status report

  1. I decided to make video game.
  2. Originally in my project the plane was supposed collect the coins and the coins are the ones to be clone.
  3. I have accomplished to make a least the coins clone and the plane move to collect them.
  4. Something that still remains to be done is deleting clones and ending it at a certain point.
  5. I feel that i’m meeting my goal it just needs to be worked on more to show what i want for my project.
  6. Yes, i need to make the coins be moving around not just staying in one place.
  7. trying to find out how to make my coins move around while being clone and ending it at a certain point.


For each idea, describe what will happen once the user presses the start (green flag) button on your project.

If you have already chosen 1 idea for your project, please describe what will happen in as much detail as possible, especially about how the clones will work.

I would use my scratch video game and would add the coins which would be clone.

Once you press the green flag bottom you would have to move the plane to collect the coins