My original goal for my project was to try to move the background and make two planes attack each other

One plane  moves and has a background

It has a background but it doesn’t work because it moves

Fix my background and add another plane

add one more plane and fix the background so it doesn’t move




Midpoint status report

Its two plains that try to crash into each other but they cant because one is fast then the other one.

One plain has the sprite and i need to add one for the  2 plain and try to move the background.

I still need to have sprite animation and the background animation.

No, i’m not going to use the same thing in going to change the plains the way thy move.

Yes, i’m changing the plains moving and just adding the background so it looks like the plains are moving.

Move the background and the add new sprites.





1.Type of animation  that will work best is the background sprites

2. what part should i begin first? I have to make the the plains move and also the background

3.what part would be the most difficult? The most difficult part about the project would be timing all the sprites correctly to crash into each other.

4. What parts  will i need help with?I  would need help with moving the background/character with the keyboard